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Pest Control Australia believe in eliminating pests so that you do not have to keep bearing those unwanted guests again and again in your home or business. Our service agreements are very flexible. We can set something up for any type of premises, to cover a large range of pest infestations, for any period and with any frequency needed!

With state of the art technology, we offer both annual intensive treatments as well as D.I.Y monitoring maintenance programs, all – with leading by suggested eco-friendly methods being at the for front of our minds. The more eco friendly options we have in our product range, can be just as effective as chemical pesticides. Our promise to you, is to give you the safest and effective plant based chemical option first. Do you have questions in relation to what services we offer? Call us now for a discussion.

Pest Control Australia
Pest Control Australia


Pests in your home and garden can be very distressing! Pest Control Australia offer a professional, reliable and extremely affordable pest control service to eradicate your problem. We specialise in the control of all household pests, the most common being infestations of cockroaches, ants, spiders and silverfish.

Pest Control Australia


Pest Control Australia offers ‘Contracted’ and ‘Non-contracted’ Pest Management. Having a background in Workplace Health and Safety Officers, we understand the importance of Queensland’s Heath and Safety Standards and help your facility to minimise exposure to chemicals.

Pest Control Australia


Your clients trust you to manage their property. You can trust Pest Control Australia to compliment your high levels of service and valued reputation. Pest Control Australia has provided high levels of service to the property management sector of the real estate industry and facilities managers for many years now.