Cane Toads – Natural Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast 

A natural way to deal with this pest on the Sunshine Coast! Cane toads are back out of their winter lull. Great time to take the kids out for an evening of toad hunting. We use long rubbish pick up tongs to gently pick them up and collect them in a bucket. When we get […]

Public housing & Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast 

Information for Sunshine Coast public housing tenants re: Pest Control The Queensland Government states: We do not provide pest control during your tenancy.  Homes are treated for pests when you move out. You are responsible for keeping your home pest-free. Can I arrange pest control? You can arrange for a qualified pest control company to treat your home […]

WATCH: Coast homes destroyed by termites

IF YOU thought the revelation this week a Buderim home was declared uninhabitable because of termite damage was an isolated incident – you would be wrong. Sunshine Coast pest inspector Ben Herbert, from Expect the Best termite experts, said he was called out all the time. “Once, every couple of months, a home on the […]

Pest Profile: Bedbugs

Human bedbugs are widely recognized and detested insects. Together with bat bugs, swallow bugs, and poultry bugs, they belong to the family Cimicidae that is within the suborder Heteroptera or true bugs (order Hemiptera). Cimicidae comprise less than 100 described species worldwide, but their notorious habits as temporary ectoparasites of birds and mammals, including humans, […]

Cockroaches on the Sunshine Coast

Species: Blattidae It is a diverse family with many genera and hundreds of species. Those classified as Periplaneta and Blatta are widely distributed, whereas other genera are more regional. They are large insects that tend to live outdoors. Several species are referred to locally as palmetto bugs. There are five or six species belonging to […]

Natural Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Homes and businesses or commercial establishments on the Sunshine Coast would be plagued by a plethora of pests and insects. The only way to avert them or to get rid of them is natural pest control on the Sunshine Coast. There are many pest control companies and several products you could buy off the shelves. […]

Summer is Here!

Summer is finally here!!! Which means time to relax in the Sun, Cool off in the water and outdoor eating! Pest Control Australia is reminding people to take care around swimming pools this summer.  Encounters with any unwanted nasty poolside pests, such as wasps, spiders and those pesky mosquitoes. You should NEVER assumed that any […]

Fleas Sunshine Coast | North Brisbane

Helpful hints to help get rid of my flea problem? When is the best time to treat for Fleas? Treat your pets as soon as you can.  You will get better results if all flea treatments – environmental and on-animal – are done about the same time. DO NOT AVOID FLEA INFESTED AREAS AFTER THE […]


HOW CAN I HELP STOP MOSQUITOS BREEDING? Yes, you can help prevent mosquito infestation. Stopping mosquito breeding is everyone’s business! Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water. The best way to prevent mosquitoes breeding around your house and yard is to empty water from all containers, such as buckets, pot plant bases and […]