Pest Control Maroochydore

With comprehensive pest control Maroochydore services, you can be prepared for just about anything. Silverfish, carpenter ants, cockroaches, fleas, rodents, bed bugs, and wasps are just a few of the creatures that can infest your home with relative ease. Termites are another common pest in the area. Any one of these pests can cause a […]

WATCH: Coast homes destroyed by termites

IF YOU thought the revelation this week a Buderim home was declared uninhabitable because of termite damage was an isolated incident – you would be wrong. Sunshine Coast pest inspector Ben Herbert, from Expect the Best termite experts, said he was called out all the time. “Once, every couple of months, a home on the […]

Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Do you think that you might be dealing with termites on your property? This might seem like a small issue considering the small size of the insect, but it can actually be a major problem. Termites typically gather in large packs. This means that if you have a few termites in any one area, you […]

Understand the different costs of pest control in Maroochydore

Two things you should do when you have a pest problem is contact a professional and then discuss the solutions. Consultation is the key to having a more accurate estimate. Random assessments or speculative quotes are not worthwhile. You should discuss the problem and the potential solutions and only then should you consider the cost. […]

The Best Approach to Pest Control in Maroochydore

Most of us wait for a problem to crop up before we take any action. Many of us wait for the problem to get worse and then we ransack for a solution. Neither is the ideal approach. You should be proactive, especially when it comes to things like pest control in Maroochydore. Once your home […]