Have you been recently affect by the devastating floods?

Is your home currently at risk of Termites?

Is your house still protected?

Many liquid termite management treatments, termite monitoring and baiting systems may have been either washed away completely or at the very least, severely compromised, exposing homes to termites that could start to chew through an unprotected home in just weeks.

When rebuilding or modifying your structure after a flood, we strongly recommend that you have your home assessed by a fully qualified and insured termite professional to determine if your termite installation has been compromised.

If your termite Barrier is not restored along with the reconstruction of your home you may face the possibility of future termite damage which can result in major repair bills that are not covered by your insurance. Pest Control Australia will help assess and advise on affected properties and assist the homeowner in coordinating with insurance and building companies to ensure that their chemical or non-chemical termite barrier is restored. Homeowners should tell their insurer and builders of the need to include pest management treatments in reconstruction costs.

The threat of termite infestation will increase as the soils around structures are very moist and conducive to foraging termites. Chemical treatments around existing structures might have been compromised if the treated zone has been covered by a layer of soil/silt from the flooding, allowing termites to bridge over the existing treatments. In the worst case situation, the treated soil might have been moved by the flood waters.

Most infestations occur when steps and timber are in direct ground contact. The floods would have also caused damage to timber attachments or structures around the home, which may require a complete, re-build to prevent any termite infestations.

Spread the word! We offer non-insured flood and cyclone affected homeowners special discount pest and termite treatment rates. So spread the word to your neighbours, friends and loved ones! We would like to warn residents to be wary of people doorknocking, looking for paid pest and termite related work. Be sure to check that your pest technician is fully insured and qualified to carry out any termite related services. No insurance company will insure a pest technician for termite related work if they don’t hold a current BSA licence that states ‘Termite Management – Chemical and / or Physical.