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Pest Control Australia provides our beautiful Sunshine Coast Community with, what we like to call our ‘CONSCIOUS’ Pest Control Services. Which basically mean we care about your pest problems and the service we offer. We are very mindful of your eg: children’s toys, food preparation areas, pets etc., as we understand everyone has a different living or working environment; Therefore, tailor make each job individually.

We use plant based products that are low in toxicity. We also have a fantastic product to treat those nasty termites that comes with a 7 year warranty!! AND it’s classified as an ‘unscheduled poison’. Ask us about it here All our staff have young families of their own and we all live right here on the Sunshine Coast. We are a family run, professional and friendly pest control business who care about our community and the families that live here with us…including and 4 legged furry friends.




Mosquitoes can breed in very small amounts of water. The best way to prevent mosquitoes breeding around your house and your yard is to empty water from all containers, such as buckets, pot plant bases and bird baths, weekly. As mosquitos breed in water.

We believe in eliminating pests so that you do not have to keep bearing those unwanted guests again and again in your home or business. Our service agreements are very flexible. We can set something up for any type of premises, to cover a large range of pest infestations.

A thorough visual termite inspection is conducted on our initial visit. We assess your unique situation and individual needs, identifying any risks and / or get to the root of any problems you may be faced with, with minimum inconvenience caused to you.

Ants in the Sunshine Coast are a normal pest problem, but you don’t have to let your home be the next victim. Ants are one of the most prevalent household pests, but Pest Control Australia have a Pest Control service that can be the perfect solution.

With fossil evidence proving that cockroaches have been around for more than 300 million years, they are one of the oldest groups of insects on the earth. They are also one of the most common – perhaps because they have been around longest!

Rodents (Rats and Mice) are prolific breeders, producing a litter of young almost monthly. So a small rat control or mice control problem can become a big problem very quickly. During our rat and mice control service, We provide a fully integrated rodent treatment.

The life cycle of the flea is similar to that of a moth – egg, larva (caterpillar), pupa (cocoon) and adult. A newly hatched adult flea is unfed, small, black and aggressive. After they have had a blood meal, fleas lighten in colour and become larger. For every flea on your pet there may be hundreds waiting to hatch!

Pest Control Australia only treat and control moths that are domestic or commercial pests. Most moths on the Sunshine Coast are very beneficial insects to our environment and ecosystem. Australia has around 22 000 species of moths. Around half of these have been scientifically named.

Spiders eat many insects around your home and garden, playing their part in the environmental ecosystem, but spiders can also pose a great threat to pets and young children and their population gets out of hand. Which is why it is important to engage Pest Control Australia to manage your spiders.

As much as flies are a pain to deal with, they also pose several health risk to people of not controlled properly, especially if they have contact with food someone has eaten! There are more than 150,000 species of flies all around the world. Flies are considered pests due to their harmful affects to people, pets and live stock.