If you are looking for a small business investment opportunity that can provide you with a stress-free support package, then a Pest Control Australia partnership may be what you are looking for. Build your own business to suit your lifestyle, with no stress of administration and marketing, what a great way to build a successful pest control business

No-one wants to share their home with cockroaches, ants, termites or mice. And pests are bad for business whatever the industry. That’s why pest controllers will always be in high demand. If you are ambitious, hard-working and want to be your own boss, Pest Control Australia is offering a great opportunity to build your own business, but with the support and resources to help you. If you are not experienced in the pest control industry, Pest Control Australia will give you comprehensive training for you to become a qualified and accredited pest control specialist.

If you are already working in the industry, Pest Control Australia can help you by taking away the stress of small business management with increased earnings potential and give you your life back! Here is why it makes sense to invest in a partnership rather than working as a self-employed contractor to pest control companies or starting your own pest control business.

Pest Control Australia

Are you a small independent Pest Control Owner?

Do you find yourself spending too much time and money on administration, accounting and marketing, but wanting to grow your business further?

At a stage where you don’t know whether to put on an admin lady or trainee?

Then why don’t you contact us, we have a special model to incorporate your business into our model and brand.

Low entry cost and a way to free up your time!

Let us manage all your administration, marketing, call bookings, inquiries & more, while you are free to spend more time doing the things you want.

Ultimately, increase your business income and profitability, Guaranteed!

Pest Control Australia

Interested in selling your Pest Control Business?

We would like to speak with you,

We are also interested in buying existing pest service businesses, we are keen on quality run operations, and you can choose to remain as part of the team or retire early.

Pest Control Australia

Interested in a partnership opportunity?


Our unique franchise opportunity allows you to choose your own lifestyle, you can work full time, part time, or become a multi franchise operator and work ON the business rather than IN the business.

Pest Control Australia removes all these barriers to success and takes all the stress out of owning your own pest control business. “We make it easy for you build the business you want, working the hours that best suit your lifestyle. And you’ll never be pressured to make more sales or increase you turnover beyond your own goals.


  1. A multiple site owner to grow your wealth.
  2. A single site owner that can even be part time.
  3. Buy a greenfield site, that costs less and we build it from scratch.
  4. Buy a site with readymade customers giving an instant income.



Once you’ve reached your potential as a sole operator, you have the choice of continuing as you are or expanding your business.
“If you choose to grow, you can employ your own technicians then, if you want to, open multiple franchises,” says Josh. “That way, you can switch to a management role. It’s up to you to decide on your own workload and level of profitability.”


You’ll receive all the training you need to tackle any job with confidence, even if you have no previous experience.

You have the backing of a team who take your calls for you, provide quotes, follow up on quotes, book your jobs, invoice, finalise inspection reports and take payments on your behalf.

A simple process. All you have to do is accept jobs posted in your mobile app, contact your customers to confirm the booking times then log when you start and finish the job, again using your mobile app. This leaves you free to deliver a first class service and form good relationships with your clients.

A proven marketing plan.

Low cost supplies. Pest Control Australia has the purchasing power and strong, long-term relationships with suppliers to negotiate lower prices.


Pest Control Australia treats partners as genuine partners in the business, providing everyone with a fair share of earnings.
If this is what you’re looking for, call us on 1300 775 212.