Summer is finally here!!! Which means time to relax in the Sun, Cool off in the water and outdoor eating! Pest Control Australia is reminding people to take care around swimming pools this summer.  Encounters with any unwanted nasty poolside pests, such as wasps, spiders and those pesky mosquitoes.

You should NEVER assumed that any pest in a pool is necessarily dead, especially those spiders that sit at the bottom of the pool. Spiders can often seek alternate hangouts, such as a more cooler / moist area, such as a swimming pool especially through the summer months.  Quite often resulting in falling into the pool.

The Queensland funnel-web spider has the ability to trap a small bubble of air in hairs around the abdomen which aids breathing and floating – making it possible for them to survive up to 30 hours under water.

Swimming Pools are also very enticing for the feared redback spider, which commonly form webs on the water side of pool edging, Other pest that can interrupt swimming time are Bees, wasps and hornets – AKA Flying Stingers. Flying Stingers are attracted to water which they collect to take back to their nests to help control temperatures.

Sweet drinks can attract certain species of flying stingers. Be very careful with can drinks – swallowing a flying stinger can be very dangerous. In addition to bees and wasps, Australia is host to over 400 species of mosquitoes*, which breed virtually anywhere that water pools exist. Poorly serviced swimming pools and surrounding left-over puddles, can provide the perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are a serious pest threat, both for their biting nuisance and their ability to spread diseases such as Dengue Fever. Carefully monitoring chlorination levels in swimming pools this summer will help keep mozzies at bay. Preparation and Awareness will help make splash around in the pool much more relaxing and enjoyable this summer. Pest Control Australia have effective barrier treatments available which can be applied to surrounding pool areas and vegetation for a more long term solution.