There may be times when it’s obvious that you need residential pest control in North Brisbane, such as when you see mice in the home or roaches in your kitchen. It’s never good to allow this situation to go on as pests are destructive to your home and also bring in germs and harmful bacteria. They can also crawl over your dishes and eating utensils without you realizing that and in turn you have waste and bacteria in your kitchen when you think it’s clean.

While some signs are obvious there are times when you need pest control in Brisbane north but may not readily realize it. Not all pests make themselves seen and you may not realize the signs they leave behind. Consider a few of those signs here.

1. Damage to building materials.

Rodents especially may chew away at drywall and may even chew on electrical wires. If you notice that you have tiny holes in your drywall that you cannot explain and especially if you see these along the baseboard or near the floor, this may be a sign that you have mice or rats in the house. If your electrical system keeps shorting out or you power gets low, this too may be a sign that the rodents are chewing on the wires behind the walls. Call for pest control North Brisbane to have these inspected and you can then see if these are signs that you have rodents or other pests.

 2. Scratching or rustling sounds.

Mice often make a scratching sound usually around the kitchen as they use their tiny claws to work their way through building materials and gather their food. A rustling sound is typically the result of a snake in your home and you may hear this in the basement or behind the walls. Rustling can also be roaches as they rustle through your trash or other debris. Any unusual sounds like these may mean that you need pest control Brisbane north for your home.

 3. Brown spots in cupboards.

If you notice brown spots inside your kitchen cupboards this is usually waste left behind from roaches and other pests. Use thick gloves when cleaning these and then call for pest control North Brisbane to have your home treated. This waste is full of germs and bacteria and should not be ignored by any homeowner.