Think that pest control just costs too much for you to afford? Think again! Believe it or not, opting for pest control Sunshine Coast service, now, can save you a lot of time and money in the future. How? Lots of pests can cause serious damage to your home or property. Here, we will tell you when you might need pest control Sunshine Coast services. This will include taking a look at why you may be looking to control ants Sunshine coast. We will also discuss termite control Sunshine Coast.

When Might You Need Pest Control?

There are a number of situations which might call for professional pest control. Here are just a few that we commonly deal with:

  • An obvious infestation in a home;
  • Suspected infestation brought to our attention by the homeowner, landlord, or tenant;
  • Infestation that is discovered by another homecare professional, such as a window cleaner, plumber, or contractor;
  • The need to be sure a property is pest free before it goes up on the market;
  • Wanting to be sure a property is pest free before someone moves in;
  • On a regular, ongoing basis for the safety and health of employees, workers, customers, tenants, etc.

Damage Caused By Ants

We do not often think of ants Sunshine Coast as potentially causing harm to our property. However, carpenter ants can do just that. These ants often seek out places where there is a bit of moisture, damage, or even decay. As they nest, carpenter ants can damage any sort of wood that might be in their way. Unlike other pests, like termites, they strictly use wood for creating nests and nothing else. Spotting these ants before the infestation becomes severe can save you a lot in future repairs in your home.

Damage Caused by Termites

We all know that termites, pesky little critters that actually eat wood, can cause structural damage. But what should you look for when trying to spot a termite infestation? Firstly, look for tunnels near the base of your home. Secondly, keep an eye out for any sort of swarming termites around your property. Thirdly, floors or ceilings that seem warped may also be a sign of damage. If you notice any of these signs, you need termite control Sunshine Coast services. Termite control Sunshine Coast is just another pest control service that we gladly offer. Contact us today!