If you have owned a property long enough or have had the termite problem before, then you know it is an uphill battle. Once the termites get hold of your property, the damage can be substantial. You will have to foot a steep bill to get rid of termites in Maroochydore. The best you can do is be proactive and spot the signs of termite infestation in its earliest phases. Here is a brief but helpful guide that would help you to spot the earliest signs of termite infestation. Then you can call in the experts from Pest Control Australia and get rid of termites in Maroochydore.

  • One of the first signs of termite damage is a trail of mud or dirt that you can find in strange places of your home or office. There would be no obvious or unobvious reason for the dirt or mud to have accumulated there. You wouldn’t have any preset or definitive pattern. You wouldn’t be able to explain why that place gets dirty so infrequently and repeatedly, despite you being conscious of your cleaning schedules.
  • You need to look for swarmers. These are often called flying ants. The swarmers are nothing but adults who are capable of reproducing and they have embarked on a journey to find new homes. You would find these swarms around light sources. You would also find swarms near the stumps of trees in your yard. Spring is an ideal time of these swarmers and they also infest a place during autumn. Be cautious of such outbreaks.
  • Look for mud tunnels. These are tubes filled with mud on the ground where you have soil and on wooden materials. The latter can be a table, wooden floor, cupboards or cabinets, any kind of wooden fixtures and they could also be your basement, crawlspace or insulation. You would find tubes or holes and they would be filled with mud among other materials such as feces and saliva.
  • Termites ready to start a colony would shed their wings after finding the nest and they would start to populate their habitat. You will find these shed wings around and in your property. You may or may not find live termites but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a termite infestation lurking beneath the surface or inside the structures.
  • Damaged wooden furniture or wooden structures is the obvious sign of termite damage. If you have damaged wood in any form that doesn’t have another reason or explanation, then you should call in the pros from Pest Control Australia to get rid of termites in Maroochydore.