Organic pest control methods can help rid your home of the common carpet beetle.

  • Standard Common Name: Australian Carpet Beetle
  • Size range: 2-3 mm
  • Distribution: The Australian Carpet Beetle is found throughout Australia. (Really..?)
  • Habitat: The Australian Carpet Beetle lives in urban areas, forests and woodlands.
  • Feeding and Diet: The Carpet Beetle frequently invades homes, whose larvae then feeds on carpet and similar fabric.
  • Other behaviours and adaptations: The larvae of the Australian Carpet Beetle are small hairy grubs whose hairs break off when handled and can cause allergic reactions in some people. Before we introduced household goods into their diet, carpet beetle larvae naturally fed on spider webs, dried animal skins or other dried protein material.

For more information on carpet beetle prevention and removal on the Sunshine Coast see Stuy at Pest Control Australia – your local pest control guy