Information for Sunshine Coast public housing tenants re: Pest Control

The Queensland Government states:

We do not provide pest control during your tenancy. Homes are treated for pests when you move out. You are responsible for keeping your home pest-free.

Can I arrange pest control?

You can arrange for a qualified pest control company to treat your home at your cost. You do not need our approval for this. If you live in a multi-unit complex, you could to talk to the other tenants and see if everyone would like to get their home done—you may be able to get a discounted rate.

Who pays for the pest control?

We will not pay for your pest control. You must pay for your home to be treated and any follow-up treatments after the warranty expires. Also see: Body Corporate management training – Sunshine Coast Pest Control For more information on pest control services on the Sunshine Coast call Stuy at Pest Control Australia – your local pest control guy