Our thoughts go out to everyone effected by the devastating #CycloneDebbie that has hit the Queensland coast line over the past few days. With #flooding expected on the #SunshineCoast today and over the next few days, thought it might be an opportune time to remind everyone to ‘Check your insurance policy’s!’

Are you insured for this type of an event – if your barrier was compromised? Who pays for all of the expenses associated with restoring your termite protection??

Also, to write about ‘things to keep in mind / look out for when the dreaded clean up begins’
Flooding alone doesn’t typically require additional treatment as all our professional liquids and bait formulations are capable of withstanding short periods submerged under water, However; flooding by fast moving water almost always requires retreatment.
The following conditions can also affect existing termite treatment areas and re-treatment may be an option to consider if:

  • Soil erosion next to foundations that results in the removal of termiticide treated soil or bait stations
  • Movement of treated soil during the renovation or repair process
  • The deposition of soil, silt or sand or other materials on top of termite treated areas or bait stations
  • Movement of foundation walls, patios, porches or other structural elements
  • Disturbance of treated soil due to removal or replacement of damaged landscaping
  • Repairs to the structure resulting in movement of soil or replacement of treated wood or other structural components.

We can help you with a comprehensive evaluation of your home to determine if any additional treatment are required – Note: Homeowners must have an annual termite inspection to guarantee any termite barrier product warranty, for life of the system.