Termites are very small flying insects. Despite their small size, termites quickly cause considerable damage to your home, as the wood is the insect’s meal of choice. If you have a termite infestation, it is imperative that a termite control Sunshine Coast professional is contacted immediately.

The Termites Danger

Several types of termites exist on the Sunshine Coast, each just as damaging as the next. The Drywood Termite is the most commonly seen termite on the coast. The insects are tiny, measuring ¼ to ½ inch in diameter with tiny wings.

Known as the ‘silent destroyer’ termites literally eat you out of your home, gnawing slowly on the wood until nothing is left. The insect divulges cellulose that is found inside of the wood. Most termites prefer dead wood as to live wood, so if your home isn’t in tip-top condition, the risk of termites is even more detrimental.

Although most homeowners should worry about the wood their home is constructed of, termites also feast upon other wood sources found inside of the home when they make it indoors. They’ll quickly destroy any wood they encounter, whether it is the bed you’re sleeping on or the dog house!

Do I Have Termites?

It isn’t always easy to detect the presence of termites at your home. Usually termites are found in colonies swarming together near windows and doors of the home. They prefer these areas because they’re attracted to sources of light. The termite is most active during the spring and summer months.

  • Signs of a termite infestation include:
  • Winged insects swarming around your home
  • Frass around the wood of the house
  • Hollow-sounding wood (when tapped)
  • Mud tubes on the exterior walls
  • Discarded wings

How to Treat Termites

Termite control Sunshine Coast provided by professionals offers the best solution to termite elimination. If you’re worried about the toxins found in pest control products used for termite elimination, eco-friendly services are now available.

Additionally, taking steps to prevent termites is something that you can do by making simple lifestyle changes. To further prevent termites from making a meal of your home, keep the following tips in mind:

  • If there are leaking faucets in your home, call the plumber and reduce risks of damaging wood in your home.
  • Remove standing water on the roof as quickly as possible.
  • Clean your gutters often!
  • Seal all entry points around the utility lines and water pipes.
  • Eliminate food sources