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  • Eliminates termites from structures within 1–3 months.
  • Fast, effective results. Stops termites feeding within hours.
  • Provides continuous protection for years.
  • Excellent transfer properties for superior termite population control.
  • The Australian regulatory authorities have classed Altriset® as an unscheduled poison.
  • No protective equipment (such as overalls, goggles or gloves) is required by the technician when mixing and applying Altriset®
  • No specific first aid required if someone is accidentally exposed to Altriset®
  • Favourable environmental profile – as shown by very low toxicity to pets, birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees.
  • The first major innovation in termite technology for over 10 years.
Pest Control Australia

ALTRISET Termite Control Product was released in Australia in September 2011. It reportedly cost DuPont more than $250 million in costs to bring it to the Termite Control market. There’s no other termite product like DuPont™ Altriset® termiticide. It took scientists at DuPont™ over 10 years to create a termiticide that not only delivers highly effective termite control, but with its very low toxicity, it has a revolutionary safety and environmental profile.

Altriset® Termite Control Sunshine Coast is deadly to termites. Altriset® works by targeting termite muscles. When termites come into contact with Altriset® their jaw muscles become paralysed so they cease feeding and stop damaging your house within hours. But they don’t die straight away. The termites stay alive long enough to walk back to their nest to transfer Altriset® onto their mates. That means you don’t just kill the termites that are lurking around your home, you can control the termites back at the nest, so they don’t come back to scare you in the future. Altriset® eliminates termites from structures within 3 months and when applied to the soil around your home, continues to provide protection for years.

When deciding what product to use to treat termites, you may wonder what effects the product may have on your family, your pets and the environment. Well, Altriset® is the first and only liquid termiticide that has been classed as an unscheduled poison by the Australian regulatory authorities, which is something other products can’t claim. As a result your pest manager doesn’t have to wear protective equipment (such as overalls, goggles or gloves) when mixing and applying the product – so don’t worry if they wander around your property in only short-sleeved shirts and shorts. This great safety profile not only applies to people, Altriset® has very low toxicity to pets, birds, fish, earthworms and even honey bees, which means you can protect your home with minimal impact on the environment.

Pest Control Australia


There are so many termite control products on the market, it’s hard to pick between them until you know all the facts. Although most termite products say they can effectively control termites, they all work in different ways, contain different ingredients, and have different attributes to consider. The three main ways of protecting your home are:

Some termite products are applied directly onto termite activity via dusts or foams. This method can kill termites really quickly, but it doesn’t stop them coming back. Once the dust or foam wears off, termites are free to munch on your home once again. If a direct treatment is applied it should be as part of an overall treatment which involves a home perimeter treatment using a soil applied liquid termiticide. As DuPont™ Altriset® can be applied as a foam as well as a soil applied treatment, you get the immediate anti-feeding benefits of a direct Altriset® application as it goes to work controlling the infestation, plus you get the long lasting protection achieved with a soil application.

Termite baiting systems involve the placement of wood in feeding stations around the perimeter of the home. Termites moving towards the home are intercepted by the bait stations. Once termites start feeding on the wood, a control agent is added to the feeding station. Termites feeding on the wood carry the control agent back to the nest. The problems that can occur with this system are that termites may not be intercepted by the baits or there is too large a distance between the baits, meaning the termites may walk straight past the bait and onto your house. Even if they do consume the bait, it often takes months to control the problem – time you can ill afford.

Soil treatments, which include a perimeter treatment around your home, are one of the most common and successful methods of termite control and protection. There are 2 types of soil treatments applied to the soil around and under your home – these are either repellent or non-repellent. Repellent treatments are an older technology. These treatments do not kill those termites already attacking your home or kill the colony – so the problem isn’t eliminated and in fact the termites may find a gap in the treatment and still attack your home. Non-repellent treatments are a newer technology and are considered the preferred termite treatment. Since termites cannot detect these newer technologies, they come into contact with the treated soil around your home, picking up a lethal dose of the product. The best non-repellent products, such as Altriset®, also have properties which allow the termiticide to be shared with other termites and carry it back to their nest. As such, products such as Altriset® termiticide not only provide a barrier around your home which prevents termite entry, but they continually reduce termites in the area surrounding your home, giving you peace of mind that your most valuable asset is protected. However, not all non-repellent products are the same – DuPont™ Altriset® termiticide delivers benefits that no other termite product can provide.

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